Calling Parents of Highly Emotional 7-13 Year-Olds!

Discover a clinically proven technique to help your child manage high-voltage emotions in as little as 5 days with my course, End Emotional Outbursts.

This easy to learn technique can  transform meltdowns, avoid emotionally explosive outbursts and help your child learn emotional intelligence and self-regulation. 

Does family life sometimes feel like an emotional roller-coaster dictated by your child's moods?

Perhaps you "tread on eggshells" and feel like you are no longer in control. Often, despite your best efforts there is nothing you can do to avoid an emotional explosion and it casts a cloud over the whole family.

Imagine if you had the tools to help your child and regain control. The pride and self-confidence you will feel when you know exactly what to do and you no longer feel overwhelmed. Imagine how brilliant your child will feel when they can begin to cope with any situation calmly.

When you sign up you get immediate and unlimited access to the course, which is delivered to your inbox with a video and PDF guide each day.

The course costs just £15!

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Parents who have completed the course report...

  • Calmer, happier children with better self-esteem (because there's so much more positive interaction than there used to be).
  • Fewer arguments.
  • A closer bond with your child.
  • Increased quality time with all members of the family (because you will no longer have to devote so much time to dealing with one child).
  • Increased understanding between parents and child.

"The course has been so useful, the cup technique is simple but really effective in seeing how it can be used to make simple changes to help my children. The content is easy to follow and to implement. I would definitely recommend it."

Course Participant

"I loved this course as I feel actually have an understanding of my child now and what is going on for her. I feel I have been equipped in so many ways to help her, instead of just getting exasperated!"

Course Participant

In this course, you'll learn:


The Science Behind Emotional Outbursts

Why do children have "Outbursts" and "Meltdowns"? You will learn about the nervous system and how it influences behaviour. Knowledge is power!


What is Filling Your Child's "Cup"

You will learn about the hidden and not-so-hidden "cup fillers" for YOUR child.


How to Prevent Emotional Outbursts 

You will learn practical tools centred on the Cup Approach and you can implement these straight away.



What ages is the course suitable for?

The course is aimed at parents of 7-13 year-old children. However, parents of children who are slightly younger or older than this will also find that the information and techniques are highly relevant. 

How long does it take to complete the course?

It takes approximately 5 hours in total. This includes watching the videos, reading and completing the PDFs, and taking action. You can go at your own pace.

I've already enrolled in CALM & CONNECTED. Should I sign up for the End Emotional Explosions course? 

Yes. CALM & CONNECTED is an in-depth 5-week course focusing on stress and anger in pre-teens. End Emotional Explosions (this course) focuses on just one technique in greater depth, and it is compatible with the much more intensive approach I use in CALM & CONNECTED. CALM & CONNECTED would be an ideal next step after the End Emotional Explosions course.  

Should I take the course if my child is on a waiting list for face-to-face support? 

The course may help you feel supported while you wait for your appointment. The course is not the same as therapy or individualised advice. It will provide information and guidance. If you are urgently concerned about your child you should see your GP or another health professional immediately.

My child is autistic/has ASD/ASC, or ADHD. How can the course help?

Dr Lucy Russell, clinical psychologist, is your presenter. She has many years of experience working with children with autism and ADHD. She regularly uses the techniques with children whose brains are not "typical" to empower parents and children by reducing overwhelm. 

Enroll now for £15 and take the course at your pace.

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About Lucy Russell, Your Presenter

I am a clinical psychologist and parent of two children aged 15 and 11. I know how tough it is when big emotions hijack family life, and how fantastic it feels when parents develop the tools and techniques to reverse this. I work alongside families to empower you by breaking down psychological concepts into logical and clear steps. I am co-founder of Everlief Child Psychology and founder of They Are The Future. I co-wrote the parenting book Brighter Futures. 


Enroll in the course now for only £15

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"Lucy took great care to listen to us carefully, identify the issues and help us understand our son’s behaviour. As a direct consequence of her help we’ve been able to offer enhanced support to our son."

Parent at Everlief

"Lucy has been a brilliant psychologist for our 8 year old daughter and has quickly built a warm rapport with her and with us. She has gently empowered us as parents to find the right solutions for our individual family situation. We are so pleased to have found her! "

Parent at Everlief

"Lucy is a true professional and worked well with my daughter. We were delighted with the outcome of the consultation and it helped us to receive further support and advice as a result of our work with Lucy. I would recommend Lucy to any parent who needs help with their child’s development. "

Parent at Everlief

"Lucy has been helping our family for over 5 years now. We started seeing her when our now 15 year old was in year 5 at primary, at this stage we didn’t see how he would manage at secondary school. The school environment is very difficult, with sensory processing disorder. Causing huge anxiety and stress, especially as he got older. Lucy very quickly realised that he liked to draw and used this as a technique for getting him to explain how he was feeling and also for her to explain how the brain worked and to validate how he was feeling and his emotions. Which then allowed her to teach/suggest techniques to help with this. We were lucky in finding a excellent (mainstream) secondary school that look after him very well, Lucy has been into his school and worked with support staff to teach them the same techniques to ensure a consistent approach. As parents Lucy has given us so much support too, giving us confidence and resilience when needed"

Parent at Everlief

"Lucy’s expertise, insight, clarity and compassion made a huge difference to my teenage daughter when she was suffering from anxiety and depression. She has a gift for explaining what is happening both physically and mentally during times of stress, turning a frightening crisis into a situation which is understandable, and making the process of recovery seem both natural and achievable. You couldn’t ask for a better person to turn to for help and advice."

Parent at Everlief